Noisestopper Acoustic Ceiling Pads Install Guide

Download this as a PDF file here


Noisestopper acoustic pads are designed to be installed on top of existing tiles within an suspended grid type ceiling. Although not heavy, the weight of each pad is equal to 4kg/m2 so it is important to ensure that the grid system is adequately and securely fixed and supported before installing the acoustic pads on top. Additional suspension fixings may be required and consultation with the original installers may be worthwhile if there is any doubt.


Remove enough of the existing tiles to gain access then insert each Noisestopper pad through the grid and place on top of adjacent tiles. Continue with this process until the entire ceiling has been covered. When installing the last pad, Have the ceiling tile on top of the already placed insulation and place the last pad on top of the tile, then carefully manoeuvre the last tile into its place within the grid.

If cutting of any pad is necessary this can be achieved with the aid of a suitably sized, sharp knife. If much cutting is required, the acoustic mineral wool element of the pad will quickly blunt knives so resharpening will be required on a regular basis.

Your ceiling should now be complete so enjoy the reduction in noise levels you should now be experiencing. For best results, the ceilings in all adjoining rooms should be insulated with the Noisestopper acoustic pads.