Acoustic Mineral Wool Technical Specifications

The graph below shows typical sound reduction obtainable under test conditions.

AMW acoustic mineral wool sound absorption and sound absorbing graph

General Physical Data
Flammability: BS 476 Part 4 (1970) Non-combustible
Building Regulations: Class O
Product Density: 45kg/m3

In some situations, there is a requirement for party/compartment floors to achieve a one-hour fire rating. If AMW100 is supported by 25mm chicken wire mesh stapled to joist sides, the insulation will then provide this one-hour fire rating without reducing the soundproofing properties of the product.

Acoustic Performance of AMW typically provides a reduction in reverberant noise levels of up to 10dB when fitted under roof constructions.

Sound Reduction Obtainable
Thermal Conductivity W/mK Mean Temperature ˚C
AMW50 0.038  
AMW100 0.049  
  R Value (m2K/W Value  
AMW50: 1.40  
AMW100 2.85