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Supplied on a roll 600mm or 1200mm wide x 6m long x nom. 50mm thick

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soundproofing:   SoundBlocker Quilt Superior Cavity Infill

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SoundBlocker Quilt is a superior alternative to Rockwool acoustic insulation and an improved version of our normal SoundBlocker Quilt (now discontinued) but produced using 60% of environmentally friendly naturally sustainable sheep’s wool instead of the normal fiberglass. This new and superior sound absorber/barrier offers better sound proofing than normal mineral wool and is the preferred choice for installation between joists when soundproofing a floor wall or ceiling. This eco friendly sound insulation will also give enhanced results if used as the acoustic infill when soundproofing stud partitions.

This new and improved Soundblocker Quilt is a superior laminate offering a combination of sheep’s wool sound absorption combined with other recycled materials and sound blocking qualities due to its unique 2kg/m² recycled sound blocking membrane laminated in the middle. Ideal for soundproofing walls, floors and ceilings. Unlike normal sound absorbing mineral wool, due to the sound blocking membrane sandwiched within the product, it will help to block noise as well as absorb it. Using this quilt will enhance the soundproofing of any structure where it may be used instead of normal mineral wool.


"We could not afford to lose 75 mm using mineral wool on our wall. The SoundBlocker Quilt was the product for us as it only took up 50mm and performs far better."

Gloria Turner – Blackpool


SoundBlocker Quilt consists of a laminate of 25mm sound absorbing sheep’s wool, 2Kg acoustic membrane and another layer of 25mm sound absorbing sheep’s wool.

It performs up to 4 times more efficiently than normal Mineral Wool infills due to the unique barrier layer sandwiched in the middle which helps block airborne noise in the same way as lead.

The Quilt exceeds the new Part E Resistance to the Passage of Sound when used in conjunction with other soundproofing materials for separating floors and walls making it the preferred product of architects and installers. Because it is made using much softer sheep’s wool, it is pleasant to handle and can be fitted without the need for gloves or protective clothing but if working in a confined area, dust masks should still be worn.
When used as the acoustic infill, SoundBlocker Quilt Plus can uprate a typical 12.5mm plasterboard clad stud wall by up to 16dB!

SoundBlocker Quilt can also improve the sound insulation of a suspended timber floor by up to 13dB!