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Part E systems: Soundproofing walls

Soundproofed wall to Part E using acoustic quilt for enhanced soundproofing

Stud wall lining system using Soundblocker Quilt Plus

Soundproofed walls using metal or timber stud, acoustic plasterboard and SoundBlocker Quilt Plus.

Soundproofing a wall to Part E with acoustic plasterboard and acoustic quilt

Single stud system using Soundblocker Quilt Plus

Soundproofing for single stud walls using acoustic plasterboard and our SoundBlocker Quilt Plus acoustic infill.

Soundproof a party wall with Acousticel M20AD to Part E to comply with current soundproofing Building Regulations

Party wall Soundproofing with Acousticel M20AD

Soundproofing for party walls using acoustic plasterboard and Acousticel M20AD sound absorbing panel

Soundproofed double stud partition to Part E with Acoustic soundproofing Quilt and acoustic plasterboard

Double stud system using Soundblocker Quilt Plus

Soundproofing for double stud walls using acoustic plasterboard and SoundBlocker Quilt Plus.

QuietPanel a thinner wall solution to reduce noise through a party wall


An ultra thin soundproofing panel for party walls at only 2.75cm thick

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How to soundproof a double stud wall using Acoustic Mineral Wool, Acoustic Plasterboard and Resilient Bars.



Image of SoundBlocker Quilt soundproofing material a superior acoustic infill for stud wall and timber joists

SoundBlocker Quilt Plus

Superior alternative to normal mineral wool when used within cavities of stud walls as part of a soundproofed wall system.

AMW sound absorbing acoustic mineral wool for ceiling joists and wall noise reduction

Acoustic Mineral Wool

The efficient acoustic infill for cavities of stud walls, to obtain best results when used as part of an overall soundproofing systems.

Thermafleece a sheep's wool alternative to mineral wool as the acoustic infill for cavities

Thermafleece (Acoustic)

Produced from sheep's wool this acoustic insulation is the greener alternative as a cavity infill for stud walls with additional thermal insulation properties.





M20AD  recycled rubber sound absorbing panel for noise reducing walls and stud partitioning.

Acousticel M20AD

A recycled 20mm thick rubber soundproofing panel for walls that takes up about 2 inches of space and designed for upgrading party walls to Part E standard.

GebieClip rsilient decoupling system for noise reduction walls and ceilings

Genieclip ™

A superior recycled system for decoupling acoustic plasterboard from masonry and stud walls to attain a soundproofing improvement..

Resilient bar, a vibration absorbing steel channel for reducing structure borne noise on ceilings and wall surfaces

Resilient bar

A popular product to decouple acoustic plasterboard from stud walls and should be used to attain maximum soundproofing performance.

SBM5 a heavy mat that offers good sound blocking properties and excellent as a decoupler between layers of acoustic plasterboard

Soundproofing mats

SBM5 a thin, heavy soundproofing mat designed to reduce noise through stud walls when used as a de-coupler between layers of plasterboard.

Fire resistant T50 and T50S noise reduction mats for floors and wall surfaces

Tecsound T50 T50S (SY50)

A non-flammable, heavy soundproofing mat for substantially upgrading the soundproofing properties of stud walls when sandwiched between layers of acoustic plasterboard.

High density acoustic plasterboard for noise redutcion stud partitions and ceilings

Acoustic plasterboard

Its high mass helps block noise and gives an enhanced acoustic performance. The ideal soundproofing solution for stud walls.



Acoustic foam sealing tape for decoupling stud partitions for maximum sound control

Resilient sealing tape

A self adhesive EPDM foam rubber acoustic sealing tape for decoupling stud walls from the surrounding structure for maximum noise control through a wall.

Acoustic curtain, a highly effective sound blocker for isolating most types of noise

Acoustic Curtain

Acoustic Curtains are available when rigid soundproofed structures cannot be used. Bespoke to individual requirements to a maximum length of 3m.

Acoustic air vent for reducing noise leakage through ventilation

Acoustic Air vent

Acoustic Air Vents offers an effective sound reducing ventilation system.   Particularly useful for venting garages and rooms that have been changed into music rooms and studios.

Sta-Stuk thumbnail

Sta-Stuk spray adhesive

An effective aerosol adhesive with adjustable nozzle for bonding M20AD, SBM5 and other sound insulation for walls.

Acoustic sealant for sealing holes and gaps for maximum sound control and soundproofing walls

Acoustic sealant

Our high density flexible Acoustic Sealant is ideal for use with many of our soundproofing products. Also fire resistant and intumescent.




Thermal insulation FOR WALLS

Ecoroll environmentally friendly thermal insulation

Ecoroll (thermal) NEW

EcoRoll from Thermafleece is an environmentally friendly thermal insulation for cavities of stud walls and provides first-class thermal and acoustic insulation.


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