DIY Soundproofing Systems & Products for Soundproofing Floors

soundproofing FOR floors - COMPLETE diy systems and products

Gold Carpet System for soundproofing under carpets

Lite Laminate System for soundproofing under Laminate floors. Ideal for soundproofing floors.

Lino Floor System for soundproofing under Lino

Floating Floor System for soundproofing under Timber floors

soundproofing between joists - complete diy systems

Bronze Floor Cavity System for Soundproofing under floors

Silver Floor Cavity System for underfloor soundproofing

individual DIY soundproofing products for between FLOOR joists

Acoustic Mineral Wool

Acoustic Mineral Wool

Acoustic Mineral Wool acoustic infill for between floor joists as part of any system when upgrading the soundproofing of timber suspended floors.

Soundblocker quilt plus

Soundblocker quilt plus

A superior acoustic alternative to normal mineral wool between joists, SoundBlocker Quilt is made using 60% of environmentally friendly naturally sustainable sheep’s wool.

Impact noise reducing products for floors

Acoustic Sealant

Acoustic Laminate Underlay

Designed to reduce impact noise when used as the underlay beneath laminate or lightweight wooden floors.

R10 resilient insulation for floating floors on timber and concrete floors

Acousticel R10

A recycled resilient rubber mat for decouplig floating floors to reduce impact noise to rooms below.

Quietfloor Plus

Quietfloor Plus

A superb acoustic underlay to reduce both airborne and impact sound when used beneath carpets and floating floors.



A recycled underlay for carpets. Reduces impact noise such as footfalls from disturbing neighbours beneath.


(Syl) Linoroll 5

A black recycled resilient rubber mat designed to reduce impact noise transmission when used beneath Lino and vinyl flooring.

view of tongue and groove joint on MDF thin floor panel

Thin MDF Flooring

6mm thick tongue and grooved MDF water resistant floor panel to present a stable surface between acoustic underlay and the floor covering

vibration pad

Anti - Vibration Pad

A recycled rubber mat designed to absorb and reduce point load vibration from washing machines and other white goods.

Airborne noise reducing products for floors

Quietfloor Plus

Quietfloor Plus

The best acoustic underlay for reducing airborne and impact noise when used beneath carpets and floating floors.



A recycled high-density acoustic floor board to reduce airborne noise when used as a floating floor on top of R10 or QuietFloor

Tecsound T50 T50S (SY50)

Tecsound T50 T50S (SY50)

Revolutionary non-flammable heavy sound barrier mat for overlaying on floors to add mass for best soundproofing results.

Soundproofing Mats

Soundproofing Mats

2mm thick, heavy, sound barrier mat designed to reduce airborne noise transmission when installed as multiple layers on floors.

additional items required

Aluminium Jointing Tape

Aluminium Jointing Tape

A fireproof tape for finishing the joints on our Lite Laminate Floor soundproofing system.


PVC Tape


A black PVC jointing tape for sealing the joints of QuietFloor Plus and SBM5.

Acoustic Sealant Tape

Resilient Sealing Tape

A self adhesive foam rubber acoustic sealing tape for isolating floor boards from the joists.

Sta-Stuck sprayable contact adhesive

Special Spray Adhesive

A general purpose high strength, water / heat resistant clear web spray contact adhesive.

Acoustic Sealant

Acoustic Sealant

Our acoustic grade 4 hour fire rated, intumescent acoustic sealant is ideal for sealing the edges of floating floors and joints of floorboards.