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5 m x 1 m x 8mm thick

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part-e compliant:

SOUNDPROOFING:  Acousticel G8 Recycled Rubber

G8 being unrolled with corner turned up showing rubber granules
corner being turned up by thumb and finger of G8 black and white recycled logo

G8 being unrolled with corner turned up showing rubber granules


G8 is our new improved thinner version of our R10 product. This resilient insulation gives superior performance at reducing impact noise and is designed for installation below a floating screed on most concrete floor constructions.


Designed to form the sound-absorbing layer beneath concrete screeds for the reduction of impact noise. This unique resilient insulation gives superior sound loss performance and is suitable for inclusion in most concrete floor constructions.

This mat is engineered to give maximum reduction of impact noise through concrete floors. Independently tested, this sound insulation has been proved to comply with the latest Building Regulation requirements for separating floors as detailed in the Approved Document E, in particular with regard to the following:

Maximum dynamic stiffness - Minimum thickness under loading Weighted reduction in impact sound pressure level (∆Lw) of not less than 29dB

A typical installation is as shown in the illustration below.

drawing of G8 decoupling a concrete screed on a soundproofed, concrete floor

Supplied in rolls composed of granulated extra resilient EPDM rubber bonded to a tough, non-woven waterproof backing.