Sound Proofing help and advice on all aspects of noise and noise nuisance including wall sound proofing, floor sound proofing and ceiling sound proofing.

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General Sound proofing Advice


Our Frequently asked questions

Here you will find some of the most frequently asked questions we deal with.


customer testimonials

See what our customers think of our products here. You can also find individual testimonials on each product page.

woman shielding her ears with fists

Noise Defined

The most read of our articles, this guide explains all the different types of sound and describes how they are measured.



Noise and noise control problems and solutions for industry.


green noise pattern on black background

Sound proofing Jargon Explained

Here we offer a dictionary like explanation of common terms used when referring to noise.

cavity brick wall

how to sound proof your HOUSE

Is sound proofing worthwhile? Do I need to sound proof my house? All your questions answered.


Echosorption plus on ceiling of drum room

Sound proofing a Room

A brief guide on how to soundproof a room.

SBM5 sound barrier mat being applied to plasterboarded ceiling

Ceiling Sound proofing

Details on h ow to sound proof a ceiling to reduce noise from above.


QuietFloor held between fingers and thumb

Floor Sound Proofing

This article describes the best way to sound proof a floor. Concrete or timber suspended, carpeted or hard surfaced.



Corner of M20AD soundproofing panel

Wall Sound Proofing

Here we discuss how to sound proof a wall. Thick and thin solutions to sound proof a party wall.


noise facts and figures

NOISE – Facts & Figures

Around one in five people hear noise from their neighbours and almost half of those are annoyed by it.

cross section of wall soundproofed with M20AD solution

What is flanking SOUND?

Flanking sound is both airborne and impact noise that usually transmits through the fabric of a building. 

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QuietRoom, a soundproofed test chamber


This article descibes how to construct an acoustic test chamber if on a limited budget





noise reduction for Specific noisy environments

car bonnet with acoustic bonnet pad fitted

Motor Vehicle Sound proofing

There are a number of areas within a car that can be sound proofed. We discuss them in this article.

Pump on isolating anti-vibration mat and concrete slab

Pump & COMPRESSor Noise

Pump and compresser noise are very common. We have a range of products to reduce the noise.

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General Machine Noise

Advice on how to reduce noise from machines including how to build your own sound proof box over the noise source. NEW

washing machine


This article tells you how to reduce vibration and airborne noise from a washing machine.

cut away view of soundproofed roof and loft

Sound proofing a Garage or shed

A garage can be sound proofed and used as a music practise room etc. Here we explain how.

Bass speaker

how to easily reduce bass noise build up

A simple solution to reduce bass noise building up in right angled corners.

threshold seal at base of door

How to reduce noise passing through a door

How to reduce noise through doors and door frames using our DIY door sound proofing kits. NEW ARTICLE



Basic Window Sound proofing

The most effective way to insulate a domestic window is using secondary glazing.


garden fence

How to sound proof a garden fence

Advice on how to reduce noise passing through a garden fence using our recycled sound proofing products. NEW ARTICLE

cars on road

Reducing Road Vehicle Noise

Road vehicles have to comply with noise-level standards. The police can take action if vehicles have defective silencers.


underside view of aeroplane in flight

Reducing Aircraft Noise

The Government also sets different noise limits for flights during the night and day time.


London underground station sign

Reducing tube noise

Advice on ways to reduce the noise made by Tube or underground trains. NEW ARTICLE !!



Marine noise reduction

This article describes how our products can help reduce noise from boat engines.

glass of beer

SOUND PROOFING for pubs & clubs - A Guide for the venue owner

Need to reduce sound leaving a pub or nightclub? Follow our step by step guide.

hit and miss vent

Quiet Ventilation

If you have a soundproofed room and require clean air then this article is for you.

cut-away view of soundproofed stud partition

Sound Insulation Value of Timber Stud Partitions

Here we show the insulation value of timber stud wall partitions with and without our products.

Father Christmas or Santa

noisy PARTY!

A simple guide on how to reduce unwanted noise at Christmas time. Designed for you and your neighbour.

Sound Regulations

noise meter

Sound testing & noise surveys

We now offer sound testing and noise surveys. NEW !!

acoustic graph


The term “Part E” refers to the new Approved Document E of the Building Regulations. IMPROVED ARTICLE !!

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Pre Completion Testing

Read about the Pre Completion requirements here. NEW & IMPROVED ARTICLE !!

floorboard being lifted

NEED Part e BUT No access to ceiling ?

How to upgrade a separating floor when there is no access to ceiling below.





Information on how to bring stairs in common areas into compliance with Part E Resistance to the Passage of Sound.


Robust Details

Robust Detail Explained

Robust details provide an alternative to pre-completion testing for demonstrating compliance with performance standards of Part E.


woman with fists over ears to protect from noise

do you suffer from Noise at Work?

Noisy workplaces should now be a thing of the past. This article explains how to help save your hearing at work.

music symbols

music at Work - your questions answered?

If your unsure what the law says on loud music at work then read this article.


Noise Law - Getting to grips with where you stand

If your unsure what the law says on loud noise we have the answers here.

HSE and logo

Noise at Work Regulations - The Employers Guide

Since the update in 2006 the Noise Regulations effect most employers.






Information for Educational Establishments

Echosorption Plus installed on ceiling in classroom

Noise Control in Schools

Schools now have to comply with Part E on acoustics within each study space. We explain how.

graph of noise and sound

Pre-completion Test Failure

Anyone applying for a change of use or New build property has to have a pre completion test. Read more here.

Sound absorber and studio acoustic related articles

speaker on pair of speaker isolators

STUDIO Room Acoustics

This technical article talks about the varying ways that sound affects a room and is an ideal read for students studying noise.

set of 4 tegular sound absorbing tiles

Why you need acoustic treatment

This article talks about why acoustic treatment is important in a recording studio.



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