Soundproofing Products for Ceilings


corner of SoundBlocker Quilt Plus for soundproofing stud walls

soundblocker quilt PLus

Superior acoustic infill for cavities of ceilings.  Made with 60% of environmentally friendly naturally sustainable sheep’s wool.

upright slabs of Acoustic Mineral Wooll for above ceilings

Acoustic Mineral Wool

Sound absorbing Acoustic Mineral Wool for cavities above ceilings.  Effectively absorbs airborne noise that normally reverberates within cavities of ceilings.

Thermafleece acoustic infill and sheep


Thermafleece acoustic insulation is a more environmentally friendly alternative to mineral wool when used in cavities above ceilings.

two pads of NoiseStopperfopr above suspended ceilings

Noisestopper Acoustic Ceiling Pads

Noisestopper Acoustic Pads - Designed as an easy to install sound blocking insulation that can be laid on top of suspended ceiling tiles.

Acoustic Luminaire Cover for sound insulating above suspended ceilings

Noisestopper Luminaire Covers

Acoustic covers for lighting designed to reduce noise through lighting units in grid system suspended ceilings.


Soundproofing ONTO Ceilings

SBM5 Soundproofing Mat an acoustic decoupler for plasterboard

soundblocker Membrane

SoundBlocker acoustic Membrane, a lightweight solution to soundproof a ceiling. 1.2 mm thick and very flexible and designed for use as an acoustic decoupler for Acoustic Plasterboard.

two rolls T50  non-flammable soundproofing mats

Tecsound T50 T50S (SY50)

Revolutionary non-flammable soundproofing mats designed to substantially upgrade the acoustic properties of ceilings when sandwiched between layers of acoustic plasterboard.


Genieclip ™

A superior vibration absorbing resilient steel clip used beneath ceiling joists. This allows the new ceiling to be de-coupled from the joists enhancing the ceiling's soundproofing performance.

Resilient Bars a vibration absorbing resilient steel channel for walls and ceiling

Resilient Bar

A vibration absorbing steel decoupler for isolating soundproofed ceilings from the joists.

stack of Acoustic Plasterboard


Use where soundproofing is of particular importance. Its higher mass helps block and absorb noise, giving enhanced acoustic performance to any ceiling.



inside view of acoustic sound reducing hood for inset ceiling lamps

Acoustic Hoods

Easy to install Acoustic hoods for use with recessed lighting to absorb noise penetration. Also fire proof.  Not suitable for soundproofed ceilings.

Sta-Stuk aerosol contact adhesive

Sta-Stuk Spray Adhesive

Special high strength, aerosol contact adhesive. This is the only adhesive recommended for fixing our sound barrier mats including SoundBlocker Membrane.

cartridges of Acoustic Sealant

Acoustic Sealant

An easy to use Acoustic sealant. Its unique high density and flexibility will stop noise penetrating holes and gaps in ceilings without cracking.



thermal insulation

roll of EcoRoll - Therma insulation for cavities

Ecoroll (thermal) new

EcoRoll from Thermafleece is environmentally friendly and provides first-class thermal insulation whilst minimising impact on the environment.