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Can size: 500ml

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soundproofing:   STA-STUCK Aerosol Contact Adhesive

Sta-Stuck aerosol contact adhesive - small image
Sta-Put handy aerosol contact adhesive designed to glue sound insulation Sta-Stuck spray pattern - small image

Sta-Stuck spray pattern - large image


Sta-Stuck is our new environmentally friendly replacement to Sta-Put and is a handy sized, general purpose high strength, water / heat resistant clear web spray contact adhesive. Designed as the superior adhesive for bonding a wide range of our soundproofing materials. 


"It’s easy to use and very effective on vertical and inverted surfaces. I have also used it on soundproofing materials, bought from another supplier & it is more successfull than the adhesive supplied with their material, particularly for the inverted section!”               John Bedford


Our special Sta-Stuck sprayable contact adhesive is an adhesive that will reliably stick our soundproofing materials to a wide variety of surfaces but particularly useful for bonding products to floors with no adverse effect. It is a low odour product, has a high solids content and is water and heat resistant with permanent flexibility.

This glue is also useful for sticking a wide variety of other sound insulating products including our acoustic foam. It is particularly good to work with due to its low solvent content which does not leave strong fumes lingering after use.

Directions FOR USE

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