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1.5m x 1m 1500mm x 1000mm / 1m x 1m 1000mm x 1000mm (12 or 25mm thick) Other thicknesses available for large orders.

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sound absorber:  Non-flammable Acoustic Foam

three layers of grey and black sound absorbing foam
corner view of black sound absorbing foam corner view of black, non-flammable sound absorbing foam

three layers of grey and black sound absorbing foam


Non-flammable sound absorbing acoustic foam designed to reduce reverberation and airborne noise. Ideal for enclosures, machinery covers and in particular, lining the inside of ducting.


Black non-flammable Acoustic Foam is a fireproof foam based on a remarkable cellular bi-elastomer, which is incapable of supporting combustion, and will protect other materials from a wide range of dangerous ignition sources. The density of the product combined with its unique cellular structure ensures it will give optimum performance at absorbing noise. The material is soft, pliant and resilient therefore, making it easy to fit and is available in both plain and self-adhesive forms.


The foam is totally non-flammable. Because it is fireproof, it can be used in the same way as ordinary acoustic foam but is far more versatile. It is of particular use in heating and ventilation ducts, machinery guards and enclosures and even buildings. It also offers good thermal insulation and has the advantage over other types of sound insulation by not losing dust or fibres.

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Supplied plain or with a self-adhesive backing.