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1m x 20mx 3mm thick

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robust detail compliant:

Isorubber Top

Robust Details E-FC-9 & 10 compliant For screeded precast plank and solid concrete in-situ separating floors

corner of Isorubber Top between finger and thumb
surface of Isorubber Top corner view of Isorubber Top
corner of Isorubber Top between finger and thumb


Isorubber Top is a blend of recycled rubber and cork which meets PART E and Robust Detail E-FC-9 & 10 and is the easiest answer to comply with the impact noise regulations currently in force. It is designed for installation on top of any new concrete floor rather than under a screed but can also be used to insulate hardwood, laminate, ceramic and stone floors in conversions, refurbishments and change of use as well as new build


This 3mm thick Robust Detail approved recycled rubber floor soundproofing solution is the easy answer to address impact noise through concrete separating floors in any new construction. Isorubber Top is simply bonded to the top of any concrete floor and has been rigorously tested and approved for installation into any Robust Detail compliant building.


Designed for installation into any new construction that is being built to Robust Detail standards. Isorubber Top does not require specialist installation and can be installed without training. The easy to follow Installation Instructions can be downloaded and give more information. The beauty of this innovative new material is its simplicity and it is almost impossible to install it incorrectly even if it has not been used before. The product is simply glued to the top of any floor wall to wall and provided the floor beneath is RD compliant to E-FC- 9 & 10, a good level of sound insulation will have been achieved for both airborne and impact noise and will comply with the Part E requirements for separating floors. For other non Robust Detail contracts, it can be used over level concrete, hardwood, laminate, ceramic and stone floors for conversions, refurbishments, change of use or new build.

Isorubber Top can not only be applied to most concrete floors to comply with PART E of the building regulations. It can also be used with most types of underfloor heating systems.

helping the planet

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Isorubber Top is a blend of reconstituted rubber and cork formed with a polyurethane binder. The granules are sourced from very high grade manufacturing waste (Medical and food production), while the cork is from managed European sources.

Both rubber and cork are natural "tree harvest" materials which are not only sustainable but increase the need for tree plantation and management.

Rubber, however biodegrades slowly and therefore the use of recycled industrial waste into a new long term application provides, in itself, a considerable environmental benefit.

Technical benefits & pERFORMANCE

This mix of organically produced materials offers a number of technical benefits over many of its petrochemical derivative rivals:

a) High KINETIC ENERGY (sound vibration) absorption combined with negligible short and long term compressibility;

b) Compatibility with the most commonly used floor finishing materials;

c) Resistance to temporary foot traffic exposure;

d) Attractive appearance for "sales" finishing purposes.

Isorubber Top installed onto hollow beam concrete floor to Robust Detail





.........Robust Detail sound performance test data for Isorubber Top on hollow beam floor








Isorubber Top installed onto solid concrete floor to Robust Detail





.........Robust Detail sound performance test data for Isorubber Top on solid concrete floor