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Supplied on a roll, 5m x 0.6m or 5m x 1.2m


key benefits

Part-e:   Independent Wall Soundproofing System using Soundblocker Quilt SBQ2

Soundproofing a wall with an independent steel or timber stud system
Sound proofing a wall with an independent steel or timber stud system corner of SoundBlocker Quilt
Soundproofing a wall with an independent steel or timber stud system


Soundproof separating walls to Part E using an independent steel or timber stud system with, Soundblocker Quilt SBQ2 and Acoustic Plasterboard. Particularly useful when converting any wall into separating walls for flats.



'We are extremely happy with the results. I decided to trust your recommendations and I am extremely happy with the outcome which has virtually cut out all noise. Although more expensive than normal mineral wool soundproof products I would say it is far better value for money judging by the job it has done. It has been an absolute success.'

Many thanks

G Carter

Sounblocker Quilt SBQ2 Sound Reduction Performance
RwdB RwdB + Ctr
58 50
Part E Acoustic Requirement
New Build Refurbishment
DnT,w + Ctr dB DnT,w + Ctr dB
45 43

Typical Applications

Suitable for non – Loadbearing separating wall applications, for new build or to upgrade existing masonry walls with confidence.

Offers very effective remedial solution where sound flanking down cavity walls has resulted in failure on site.

Can assist with meeting external walls thermal requirements by allowing the use of lighter block work and offering an added U-value performance.

A timber stud application is also acceptable and easily used although the test results were obtained using steel stud.

Sound proofing a wall with independent timber stud prior to inserting SoundBlocker Quilt or Acoustic Mineral Wool

Technical Data
Application: Separating Wall
Mass per Unit: 76.1kg / m2
Footprint Width: 82.5mm
Fire Protection: N/A
Certification: Sound Reduction index to BS EN ISO 140-3: 1995. Rating according to BS EN ISO 717-1: 1997

For enhanced sound control the Acoustic Plasterboard should be doubled in thickness and mounted onto the stud using our Resilient Bars.

Components and Fixing Data:

Soundproofing a wall with an independent steel stud system

Test results for a soundproofed wall using steel stud and Acoustic Quilt

Information on our SoundBlocker Quilt Plus

SoundBlocker Quilt Plus consists of a laminate of 25mm Aoustic Mineral wool, 5Kg acoustic membrane and another 25mm Acoustic Mineral wool.It performs approx 4 times better than our Acoustic Mineral Wool as it has a barrier layer sandwiched in the middle which blocks airborne sound better than lead. The SoundBlocker Quilt SBQ2 exceeds the new Document E Resistance to the Passage of Sound making it an attractive and efficient product for modern building techniques.

SoundBlocker Quilt SBQ2 can up rate a typical 12.5mm partition by up to 16dB!
SoundBlocker Quilt SBQ2 can up rate a typical floor section by up to 13dB!


Roll Size: 6m x 0.6m or 6m x 1.2m
Thermal Resistance (R Value): 1.25 m2K/W.