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11m x 1.37m x 10mm

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soundproofing: Acoustic Carpet Underlay (A10)
piece of A10 acoustic underlay held by thumb and finger
top of a roll of A10 acoustic underlay for carpetsblack and white recycled logo

piece of A10 acoustic underlay held by thumb and finger


A10 is a recycled replacement acoustic underlay for carpets. Significantly reduces impact noise by soundproofing footfalls and furniture movement from disturbing the neighbours in rooms beneath.


Produced from recycled rubber and high grade felt, A10 Acoustic Carpet Underlay is designed as a replacement acoustic underlay for carpets to give a superior reduction in impact noise through floors into rooms below.

It is suitable for all types of floor surfaces including wood, concrete, asphalt and is particularly recommended on uneven floors.

A10 carpet underlay soundproofing is not designed to reduce airborne noise nuisance. To reduce airborne noise, see our Quiet-Floor product.

Impact Sound Improvement Index ISO Method 140 part 8 - Delta Lw.34Db
This product meets the Part E building regulations standard for impact noise on a concrete floor. The tested sample meets the requirements of BS.5808:1991(1996)

However, on concrete floors, provided they have the required amount of mass (350kg/m2) the new Approved Document E regulations for both airborne and impact noise penetration through the floor will be met if A10 is glued to the floor surface with our special spray adhesive

Classification: Heavy Contract/Heavy Domestic BS 5808 Fitting should meet the British standard code of practice BS 5325, normally be undertaken by experienced fitters and should be laid rubber to the floor surface. Sub floors should be clean, dry and free of oil, grease and damp.